Tuesday, 18th of June 2019

1. How to Register your self ?

  • Before place an order you need to register with us by clicking on Register button on the top right of the site.
  • You need to complete the Registration form along with the Address informantion, from where you want to receive the Publications. Note: You can change the address during the order procedure and from User account as well.  
  • When clicking on Register button your Registration in completed. But you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link in the e-mail that you receive before you can login. 

2. How to place an Order ?

  • Login with your Username and Password from the Login button. Now you are redirects to the Home page.
  • Click On Shop Online to enter and place an order.
  • Now you can select the types of Pulications : Books, CD/DVDs and Posters.
  • In Books, there are seven categories and number of books under a particular category is also given in (_) 
  • Add to Cart button will pick a publication from the group. Note: Click on a particular book name will gets more details.
  • After that You will get a Popup which guide to either Continue shopping or Proceed to checkout to Finish the Order. 
  • Proceed to checkout leads to final stage where you can change the recipient address by clicking  button also you can add new one from New button.
  • Select Payment method : Only Bank Transfer
  • Below your selected Publication(s) listed with grand total and also you can add Number of copies by changing the value in the box below Quantity. Then click  to change the amounts accordingly.
  • Click on FINISH. Its Done !! Your order is Send and follow the given instructions.
     Note: Do not refresh the page after clicking FINISH button. Logout from top right button to complete the transaction.

3. Payment Methods

  • Currently only Bank Transfer is available. You can pay by sending us a bank transfer. (For Online Orders)
  • Advance payment may be made by M.O/D.D. in favour of the Registrar, KFRI on any bank in Thrissur, Kerala, India.


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