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No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Intercropping trials of four crops in bamboo plantations P.Shanmughavel; K. Francis 3-9
2. Factor analysis of growth parameters in Dendrocalamus strictus seedlings: An exploratory approach Rakesh kuma; Mohinder Pal; Rajiv Pandey; Ruchi Mathur 11-21
3. Study on associated nitrogen fixation of bamboo plants rhizosphere Wu Xiaoli; Gu xiaoping 23-36
4. Tree cutting to float rattan to market: A threat to primary forests? Stephen F. Siebert 37-42
5. Proximity, Clump size and root distribution pattern in Bamboo: A case study of Bambusa arundinacea (Retz.) Willd. Poaceae in Ultisols of Kerala, India B.Mohankumar and B.N.Divakara 43-58
6. Selection criteria for a house design method using plybamboo sheets G.Gonzalez; J.Gutierrez; F.V.Hervijnen; J.Janssen and F. Moonen 59-70
7. Bamboo growth assessment related to soil suitability ABD.Razak Othman 71-76
8. The potential contribution of non timber forest product extraction to tropical forest conservation and development: lessons from a case study of bamboo utilization in a Sierra Madre community, the Philippines. Kusters, K; Ros Tonen M 77-94

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Bamboo solution to problems Hunter, I.R 99-101
2. Properties of single layer urea formaldehyde particle board manufactured from commonly utilized Malaysian bamboo (Gigantochloa scortechinii) Ahamad, A.J.H; Kasim, J; Mohmod, A.L 109-119
3. Bamboo composites: Material of the future Bansal, A.K; Zoolagud, S.S 119-131
4. Hapaxanthy and pleonanthy in African rattans (Palmae: Calamoideae) Sunderland, T.C.H 131-141
5. Bamboo shoot utilization in peninsular Malaysia: a case study in Pahang Idris, M.A.M; Mohamad, A 141-157
6. The dynamics of biomass and nutrients in bamboo Shanmugavel, P; Francis, K 157-171
7. Extraction and determination of chloraphylls from moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescences) culm Wu, J.H; Wang, S.Y; Chang, S.T 171-181

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. A note on culm yield and above ground biomass of Gigantochloa levis raised by tissue culture and branch cuttings planting materials Razak Othman, A 193-199
2. Karyotype analysis in Calamus palustris Griff Indira, E.P; Anto, P.V 199-205
3. Bamboo and cane resources utilization and conservation in the Apatani plateau, Arunachal Pradesh, India: implications for management Sundriyal, R.C; Upereti, T.C; Varuni, R 205-247
4. Thermogravimetric analysis of Dendrocalamus strictus bamboo fibers Varada Rajula, ARamachandra Reddy, G; Narasimha Chary, K; Babu Rao, G; Ganga Devi, L 247-251
5. Status of rattan based small scale cottage industries in urban and semi urban area of Chittagong, Bangladesh Miah, D; Rahman, L 251-263
6. Diversity and indigenous utilization of bamboo in Xishuangbanna Wang, K; Hong, L.T; Rao, V.R 263-275

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Bamboo: need for a new research agenda Mathew, P.M 281-289
2. Study of population changes of Melocanna baccifera, Dendrocalamus hamiltonii and Dendrocalamus longispathus under one, three and five year fellow period in Mizoram Jha, L.K; Laha, R.C 289-301
3. Study of the regular pattern of geography variation and selection of Phyllostachys heterocycla cv. Pubescens provenences Cun-Ji, C; L. Yi. Chi; Er-Fa, Q 301-317
4. Thermal softening of rattan canes: influence of the hemi cellulose lignin matrix Abasolo, W.P; Yoshida, M; Yamamoto, H; Okuyama, T 317-333
5. Matchsticks from bamboo Bansai, A.K; Rangaraju, T.S; Shankar, K.S 333-341
6. Diurnal changes in chlorophyll fluorescence in four species of bamboo Kumar, R; Pal, M; Teotia, U.V.S 341-351
6. The role of phyllostachys heterocycla var. pubescens in the life of local residents in Guilin Township, Shadowu. P.R. China Li, R.S; Yin, G; Xu, H; Shi, Z; Yang, J 351-361
7. Two new species of rattan (Palmae calamoideae) from Africa Sunderland, T.C.H 361-371


No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. A bamboo germplasm collection for community development in Central Yunnan, China Long ChunLin; Liu YiTao; Xue JiaRong; LiDeZhu 3-11
2. Macro-proliferation of Gigantochloa ligulata seedlings for mass production of planting stock and its field performance Mohamed A.H 13-21
3. Planting stock selection of bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) using macro proliferation technique Kumar R; Pal M 23-28
4. Studies on dimensional stability, thermal degradation and termite resistant properties of bamboo (Bambusa tulda Roxb.) treated with thermosetting resins Deka M; Das P; Saikia C.N 29-41
5. Bamboo resources of Manipur: an overview for management and conservation Singh H.B; Kumar B; Singh R.S 43-55
6. Flowering of Bambusa cacharensis Mazumder in the southern part of North-East India: a case study Singha L.B; Bhatt B.P; Khan M.L 57-63
7. Leaf litter decomposition and nutrient release in reed bamboo (Ochlandra travancorica) Sujatha M.P; Jose A.I; Sankar S 65-78

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Commercial edible bamboo species and their market potentiality in three Indian tribal states of the North Eastern Himalayan Region Bhatt B.P; Singha L.B; Singh K; Sachan M.S 111-133
2. Root development in rattans 1. A quantitative study of the roots in two species of Calamus L Jayasree V.K; Renuka C; Rugmini P 135-151
3. Anatomical changes during culm maturation in Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss and Dendrocalamus strictus Nees Bhat K.V 153-166
4. The possible nutritional consequences for giant panda of establishing reserve corridors with various bamboo species Hunter I.R; Dierenfeld E.S; Jinhe F 167-178
5. Development of the bamboo sector in Ecuador: harnessing the potential of Guadua angustifolia Cleuren H.M; Henkemans A.B 179-188

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Bamboo as a building material alternative for Western Europe? A study of the environmental performance, costs and bottlenecks of the use of bamboo (products) in Western Europe Lugt Pvan der; Dobbelsteen Avan den; Abrahams R 205-223
2. Growth performance of two bamboo species in new plantations Fernandez E.C; Palijon A.M; Liese W; Esguerra F.L; Murphy R.J 225-239
3. Effect of culm number in mother seedlings on growth and proliferation of Dendrocalamus strictus propagules Kumar R; Pal M 241-247
4. Rattan husbandry and its potentiality for income generation in the village groves of floodplain area of Bangladesh Danesh Miah; Ahmed R; Uddin M.B 249-259
5. Conception and feasibility of bamboo-precocious wood composite beams Amino Y 261-279
6. A case study on the effects of irrigation and fertilization on soil water and soil nutrient status, and on growth and yield of bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) shoots Kleinhenz V; Milne J; Walsh K.B; Midmore D.J 281-293

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Bamboo resources, uses and trade: the future? Hunter I.R 319-326
2. Bamboo production chain in Ecuador Klop A; Cardenas E; Marlin C 327-343
3. Promotion of bamboo for poverty alleviation and economic development Chen Xuhe 345-350
4. Statistics on resources, production and trade Wardle P 351-368
5. Public constructions made with bamboo: lessons learnt from the 'Vergiate bamboo pavilion' in Northern Italy. Vantomme P; Braulin N; Chioetto V; Liese W 369-380
6. Bamboo housing: market potential for low-income groups Paudel S.K; Lobovikov M 381-396
7. Bamboo and rattan products and trade Lobovikov M 397-406
8. Growing imbalance between supply and demand for rattan? Vantomme P 407-415
9. China's experience in trade statistics on bamboo and rattan Jin HongMan 417-427
10. Bamboo resources, enterprises and trade development opportunities for livelihood development and poverty reduction in Mozambique Duraisamy J 429-439
11. The industrialization and market orientation of bamboo shoot production in Lin'an County: a case study Zhu ZhaoHua 441-452
12. Bamboo livelihood development planning, monitoring and analysis through GIS and remote sensing Bharadwaj S.P; Siva Subramanian; Sudhakar Manda; Taniya Ray; Prabir Mukherjee; Rao I.V.R 453-461


No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Root development in rattans 2. Soil requirements and efficiency of the root systems of Calamus thwaitesii Becc. and Hook. f. and Calamus rotang L. in the seedling stage Jayasree V.K; Renuka C; Rugmini P 3-11
2. Manufacturing laminates from sympodial bamboos - an Indian experience Bansal A.K; Prasad T.R.N 13-22
3. Effect of trimming of culms on growth and proliferation of bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus Roxb.) propagules Kumar R; Pal M 23-26
4. Basic density and strength properties of cultivated Calamus manan Wahab R; Sulaiman O; Samsi H.W 35-43
5. Characteristics of three western Nigerian rattan species in relation to their utilisation as construction material Lucas E.B; Dahunsi B.I.O 45-56
6. Bonding characteristics of Gigantochloa scortechinii Zaidon A; Paridah M.T; Sari C.K.M; Razak W; Yuziah M.Y.N 57-65

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Root morphology and development in rattans. 3. Root system development in Calamus thwaitesii Becc. and Calamus rotang L. in relation to the physical properties of a degraded lateritic soil Jayasree V.K; Sujatha M.P; Renuka C; Rugmini P 81-90
2. Growth and proliferation of bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus Roxb.) seedlings influenced by various growth regulators Kumar R; Pal M 91-97
3. Benefit-cost analysis of bamboo in comparison with other crops in mixed cropping home gardens in Kerala State, India Krishnankutty, C.N 99-106
4. Bamboo-precocious wood composite beams: theoretical prediction of the bending behaviour Amino Y 107-121
5. Morphology and genetic variation of manau rattan (Calamus manan, Miq.) in Sumatra, Indonesia Sudarmonowati E; Mogea J.P; Hartati N.S; Hong L; Rao V.R 123-137
6. Briquetting of rattan furniture waste Olorunnisola A.O 139-149
7. Socio-economic benefit of rattan: a case study in Nanchang village, Baoting county, Hainan province, P. R. China Yang J.C; Xu HC; Yin G.T; Li R.S 151-158
8. Wettability of three Honduran bamboo species Li X.B; Shupe T.F; Hse C.Y 159-167
9. Effect of bamboo foliage on soil respiration, microbial biomass and N mineralization Upadhyaya K; Arunachalam A; Arunachalam K 169-183

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. The growth performance of different commercially important rattans at eight years after planting Renuka C; Rugmini P; Thomas J.P; Rangan V.V 187-193
2. Assessment of some physical and mechanical properties of Golla bet (Daemonorops jenkinsiana) from north-eastern region of Bangladesh Chowdhury M.Q 195-201
3. Marketing of bamboo (Bambusa bambos) in South India Krishnankutty C.N 203-215
4. In vitro regeneration of an indigenous bamboo (Bambusa nutans) from internode and leaf explant Kalia S; Kalia R.K; Sharma S.K 217-228
5. Statistical model of strength in compression of Raphia vinifera L. (Arecacea) Talla P.K; Tekougnening ; Tangka J.R; Ebale ; Foudjet A 229-235
6. Studies on Bambusa balcooa bamboo fibre for green composites with polyurethane and polyurethane/poly(methyl methacrylate) semi-interpenetrating polymer network Kumar H; Siddaramaiah 237-243
7. Observations on the culms of Melocanna baccifera in Kolasib Division, Mizoram, India Laha R 245-248
8. Consumption value and income potential of bamboo in the Philippines: evidence from selected areas and case studies Pabuayon I.M 249-263
9. Leaf and culm sheath morphology of some important bamboo species of Assam Sarma K.K; Pathak K.C 265-281
10 Present status and socio-cultural acceptability of traditional bamboo houses: a study in Kerala and Karnataka states of India Muraleedharan P.K; Anitha V; Simon T.D 283-296

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Bamboo and rattan: working to reduce poverty. Mathew, P.M 303-308
2. Application of organic fertilisers on natural stand bamboos for sustainable management in peninsular Malaysia. Azmy, H.M; Razak, W; Hashim, W.S; Sulaiman, O 309-317
3. Litter decomposition and nutrient release in a bamboo plantation. Shanmughavel, P 319-328
4. The potential of reed bamboo (Ochlandra travancorica) for revegetating degrading lateritic soils: a case study in Kerala, India. Sujatha, M.P; Thomas, T.P; Sankar, S 329-335
5. Commercial edible bamboo species of the North-Eastern Himalayan Region, India. Part I: Young shoot sales. Bhatt, B.P; Singha, L.B; Sachan, M.S; Singh, K 337-364
6. Vegetative multiplication of Bambusa balcooa Roxb. using branch cuttings. Pattanaik, S; Das, P; Borah, E; Kaur, H; Borah, K 365-374
6. Improving storability of Bambusa arundinacea (Retz.) Willd. seeds. Warrier, R.R; Sivakumar, V; Anandalakshmi, R; Vijayachandran, S.N; Mahadevan, N.P; Singh, B.G 375-382
7. Physical and mechanical properties of medium density fibreboards from bamboo and tallow wood fibres. Li, X; Shupe, T.F; Hse, C.Y 383-392
8. The potential of utilising bamboo culm (Gigantochloa scortechinii) in the production of structural plywood. Anwar, U.M.K; Zaidon, A; Paridah, M.T; Razak, W 393-400
9. Low-cost planting stock production of bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus Roxb.) using culm cuttings. Kumar, R; Pal, M 401-409


No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Optimum conditions for testing germination of bamboo seeds Rawat M.M.S 3-11
2. Commercial edible bamboo species of the North-Eastern Himalayan region, India. Part II: Fermented, roasted and boiled bamboo shoots sales Bhatt B.P; Singha 13-31
3. Biomass estimation of Bambusa tulda grown at Eastern Terai, Nepal Oli B.N 33-39
4. Foliage decomposition and nutrient release dynamics of Bambusa balcooa and Bambusa pallida in a 9-year-old jhum fallow Arunachalam K; Upadhyaya K; Arunachalam A 41-54
5. Bamboo-precocious wood composite beams: bending capacity for long-term loading Amino Y 55-70
6. The inhibition of microbial growth by bamboo vinegar Sulaiman O; Murphy R.J; Hashim R; Gritsch C.S 71-80
7. Managing rattan as a common property: a case study of community rattan management in Nepal Paudel S.K; Chowdhary C.L 81-91
8. Rural livelihoods on bamboo handicraft making and culm vending in Mvera, Malawi Sosola Banda B.G; Johnsen F.H 93-107

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Nutritional values of some commercial edible bamboo species of the North Eastern Himalayan region, India. Bhatt, B.P; Singh, K; Alka Singh 111-124
2. Variation in some anatomical and physical properties of stems of five rattan palm species of Ghana. Ebanyenle, E; Oteng-Amoako, A.A 125-142
3. Leaf dynamics and above ground biomass growth in Dendrocalamus longispathus Kurz. Banik, R.L; Islam, SAMN 143-150
4. Diseases of rattan in nurseries, plantations and natural stands in Kerala, India. Mohanan, C 151-162
5. Growth of Gigantochloa levis branch cuttings in nursery and field planting in response to indole butyric acid rooting hormone. Othman, A.R 163-172
6. Dimensional stability of cement-bonded composite boards made from rattan cane particles. Olorunnisola, A.O 173-182
7. Root morphology and development in rattans. 4. Root system development in Calamus thwaitesii Becc. and Hook. f. and Calamus rotang L. in relation to the chemical properties of a degraded lateritic soil. Jayasree, V.K; Sujatha, M.P; Renuka, C; Rugmini, P 183-191
8. Hydration characteristics of cement-bonded composites made from rattan cane and coconut husk. Olorunnisola, A.O; Pitman, A; Mansfield-William, H 193-201

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Effect of heat treatment using palm oil on properties and durability of Semantan bamboo Wahab R; Mohamad A; Samsi H.W; Sulaiman O 211-220
2. Soil properties influenced by some important edible bamboo species in the North Eastern Himalayan region, India Venkatesh M.S; Bhatt B.P; Kailash Kumar; Majumdar B; Kundan Singh 221-230
3. Effect of light intensity and rooting hormone on propagation of Bambusa vulgaris Schrad ex Wendl. by branch cutting Hossain M.A; Islam M.S; Hossain M.M 231-241
4. Evaluation of the effects of different extraction methods for main volatile compounds from Bambusa textilis leaves Galhiane M.S; Rissato S.R; Pereira MAdos R; Almeida MVde; Silva Lcda 243-250
5. Bamboo (Bambusa bambos) resource development in home gardens in Kerala State in India: need for scientific clump management and harvesting techniques Krishnankutty C.N 251-256
6. Cell-wall degradation and nutrient release pattern in decomposing leaf litter of Bambusa tulda Roxb. and Dendrocalamus hamiltonii Nees. in a bamboo-based agroforestry system in north-east India Deb S; Arunachalam A; Arunachalam K 257-277
7. Employment generation and economics of cane-based furniture enterprises of Chittagong, Bangladesh Alamgir M; Jashimuddin M; Bhuiyan M.A.R 279-291
8 Rattan species richness and population genetic structure of Calamus flagellum in North-Eastern Himalaya, India Lyngdoh N; Santosh S.H; Ramesha B.T; Rao M.N; Ravikanth G; Narayani B; Ganeshaiah K.N; Shaanker R.U 293-307

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Predicting the weight of a bamboo clump: commercial weight tables for Bambusa bambos Krishnankutty C.N; Chundamannil M 311-316
2. Preliminary observations on ecological and economical impacts of bamboo flowering in Mizoram (North East India) Lalnunmawia F; Jha L.K; Lalengliana F 317-322
3. Effect of clump density/spacing on the productivity and nutrient uptake in Bambusa pallida and the changes in soil properties Singh K.A; Kochhar S.K 23-334
4. Statistical model of strength in flexion and size effect on the failure of Raphia vinifera L. (Arecaceae) Talla P.K; Foudjet A; Fogue M 335-342
5. Strength properties and potential uses of rattan-cement composites Olorunnisola A.O; Pitman A; Mansfield William H 343-352
6. Structural performance of bamboo 'bahareque' walls under cyclic load Gonzalez G; Gutierrez J 353-368
7. Nutrient, chlorophyll and caloric dynamics of Phyllostachys pubescens leaves in Yongchun County, Fujian, China Lin Y.M; Zou X.H; Liu J.B; Guo Z.J; Lin P; Sonali S 369-385
8. A new culm rot disease of bamboo in India and its management Harsh N.S.K; Singh Y.P; Gupta H.K; Mushra B.M; McLaughlin D.J; Dentinger B 387-398
9. Rattan resources of Manipur: species diversity and reproductive biology of elite species Meitram B; Sharma G.J 399-419
10. The bamboo sector in Colombia and Ecuador: a state of the art analysis of opportunities and constraints Lugt Pvan der 421-440


No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Silica content and its distribution in bamboo culms Lybeer, B; Acker, J van; Goetghebeur, P 3-13
2. Site conditions and growth characteristics of plantation-grown palasan canes (Calamus merrillii Becc.) Abasolo, W.P 15-27
3. Nutritive value of edible bamboo species and traditional uses in northeastern India Singh, K.A 29-39
4. Seed propagation for Oxytenanthera abyssinica Inada, T; Hall, J.B 41-45
5. Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss plantation in eastern India: I. Culm recruitment, dry matter dynamics and carbon flux Das, D.K; Chaturvedi, O.P 47-59
6. Effect of provenance and progeny selection in Calamus andamanicus Kurz for fast growth Indira, E.P; Renuka, C 61-66
7. Tensile strength of bamboo across the radial direction Navin Chand; Mukul Shukla; Sharma, M.K 67-72
8. On the possibility of growing bamboo as an alternative crop in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey Toksoy, D; Ayyildiz, H; Var, M; Kazuto, S; Kyozo, C 73-78
9. Population structure and culm production of bamboos under traditional harvest regimes in Assam, Northeast India Nath, A.J; Gitasree Das; Das, A.K 79-88
10. Patterns of adventitious root induction during different seasons in some bamboo species Sanjay Singh; Nain, N.P.S; Meena, S.L; Tripathi, S.P 89-95
11. Rattan-based enterprises in the northeastern Bangladesh Rashid, A.Z.M.M; Sohel Ahmed; Khan, N.A 97-104

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Bambusa bambos (L.) Voss plantation in eastern India: II. Nutrient dynamics Das, D.K; Chaturvedi, O.P 105-116
2. Rooting ability of Bambusa vulgaris var. striata branch cuttings as influenced by cutting type and rooting hormones Hossain, M.A; Jewel, M.E.U; Sen, M; Serajuddoula, M 117-126
3. Impregnation of bamboo (Gigantochloa scortechinii) strips with low-molecular-weight phenol formaldehyde resin Anwar, U.M.K; Paridah, M.T; Hamdan, H; Zaidon, A; Bakar, E.S 127-133
4. Soil characteristics governing the distribution of rattans in Cachar, Assam, Northeast India Ghose, M; Gupta, A; Das, S.K; Das, S; Bhattacharya, K; Roy, D 135-139
5. Genetic diversity and relationships within populations of Dendrocalamus giganteus Wall. ex Munro and Ochlandra stridula Moon ex Thwaites in Sri Lanka using RAPD Ramanayake, S.M.S.D; Meemaduma, V.N; Weerawardene, T.E 141-149
6. Comparison of yield and quality of bamboo charcoal produced by traditional methods Dhamodaran, T.K; Thulasidas, P.K; Gnanaharan, R 151-157
7. Genetic structure of Bambusa vulgaris in Ghana and its implications for sampling and conservation # 159-167
8. The rattan-based industry in Kerala, India in the wake of globalization Muraleedharan, P.K; Anitha, V; Rugmini, P 169-176
9. Isolation and characterization of bamboo fibres Gulrajani, M.L; Anjali Arora 177-186


No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Stiffness and strength properties of rattan furniture joints subjected to lateral load Wan Tarmeze, W.A; Hamdan, H; Tamizi, M.M; Khairul, A 1-10
2. Flowering and reproductive biology of two endemic bamboo species of the Western Ghats - Dendrocalamus stocksii and Pseudoxytenanthera ritcheyi Beena, V.B; Seethalakshmi, K.K; Raveendran, V.P 11-19
3. Longitudinal and radial distribution of free glucose and starch in moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel) Okahisa, Y; Yoshimura, T; Sugiyama, J; Erwin; Horikawa, Y; Imamura, Y 21-31
4. Durability assessment of chemically treated Gigantochloa scortechinii in unsterile soil laboratory burial tests Razak, W; Tamizi, M; Othman, S; Hashim, W.S 33-39
5. Status of rattan sector in the Philippines Defo, L; Persoon, G; Aquino, D.M 41-50
6. Amylolytic breakdown of storage starch in felled bamboo culms during post-harvest period Bhat, K.V; Kumar, K.S; Sumesh, P.M; Renjithkumar, K.S; Kallarackal, J 51-60
7. Destructive and non-destructive evaluation of bamboo chips - Portland cement composite Beraldo, A.L; Martins, S.C.F 61-70
8. A bamboo charcoal production method to reduce cycle time and increase yield Muti Lin Jeng Chyan 71-79
9. Creep behaviour of Bambusa blumeana in bending Janssen, J.J.A 81-87
10. Sliced bamboo veneer with non-woven cloth: a new utilization method Cheng RuiXiang; Zhang QiSheng 89-94
11. Development of rattan sector under Community Forestry enterprises in Nepal: future direction Udaya Sharma 95-99
12. Microenvironmental characteristics of the natural habitat of Arundinaria maling Gamble in Arunachal Pradesh, India Singha, L.B; Khan, M.L; Tripathi, R.S 101-114
13. Morphological and anatomical characteristics of managed natural bamboo stands - Gigantochloa scortechinii Razak, W; Janshah, M; Hashim, W.S; Shirley, B 115-121
14. Flowering characteristics of Phyllostachys heteroclada Oliver in China Wang Xiao Hong; Zhou Zuji 123-127

No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Effect of harvesting techniques on culm yield of Gigantochloa scortechinii natural stands Abd Razak Othman; Hashim Md Noor; Abd Rahman Kassim 129-136
2. Glued-laminated bamboo: node and joint failure in bamboo laminations loaded in tension Jorissen, A.J.M; Voermans, J; Jansen, M.H 137-144
3. Property characterization of plantation-grown palasan rattan (Calamus merrillii Becc.) Abasolo, W.P 145-156
4. Role of bamboo-based cottage industry in economic upliftment of rural poor of Chittagong, Bangladesh Mohammed Alamgir; Mezbahuddin, M; Jashimuddin, M 157-164
5. Bamboo handicraft industry in Kerala, India: value addition and production technology Muraleedharan, P.K; Anitha, V 165-173
6. Effects of process time on the textural and sensory characteristics of Malaysian commercial bamboo shoots Aida Firdaus; Halimahton Zahrah; Azmy Hj Mohamed 175-181
7. Culm dynamics, carbon sequestration and potential for electrical energy from Dendrocalamus strictus Nees plantation in South-eastern Bihar, India Jha, R.K; Das, D.K 183-191
8. Chemical resistance and tensile properties of polycarbonate (PC) toughened epoxy-bamboo fibre composites: surface modification, varied fibre lengths and varied fibre orientations Sreenivasulu, S; Reddy, K.V.K; Rajulu, A.V; Reddy, G.R 193-197
9. Thermogravimetric behaviour and physical properties of Bambusa vulgaris in Ghana Lartey, T.S; Mensah, K.F; Darkwah, N.A 199-204
10. Effect of high temperature treatment on dimensional stability and bonding quality of bamboo strips Zaidon, A; Paridah, M.T; Anwar, U.M.K; Rafidah, D; Hamdan, H; Rafidah, S 205-214
11. Domestication of Dendrocalamus brandisii in upland paddy fields in Coorg, Karnataka Viswanath, S; Dhanya, B; Rathore, T.S 215-222
12. Role of Piriformospora indica as biofertilizer for promoting growth and micronutrient uptake in Dendrocalamus strictus seedlings Gosal, S.K; Lalit Kumar; Aim Kalia; Rajni Chouhan; Ajit Varma 223-228
12. Soil macroinvertebrates under Guadua angustifolia Kunth in two study sites in the Colombian coffee growing region Arango, M.L; Benítez, J.A; Camargo, J.C; Feijoo, A 229-238
13. Influence of culm age, particle size and board density on the performance of particleboard made from Ethiopian highland bamboo (Yushania alpina) Seyoum Kelemwork; Paridah Md Tahir; Ding WongEe; Rahim Sudin 239-250
14. Bleaching of Bambusa tulda sticks for handicrafts Nilanjana Bairagi; Gulrajani, M.L 251-256


No.  Title Authors Page No.
1. Anatomical traits of woody bamboos useful for taxonomic identification: a case study in neotropical species. Montti, L; Riveiro, D.G; Goldstein, G 1-20
2. Photosynthetic rate and light response curve of Bambusa vulgaris 'Wamin'. Simmons, H; Wannakrairoj, S; Menakanit, A; Kasemsap, P 21-29
3. Influence of fiber characteristics of Nigerian grown Bambusa vulgaris Schrad on its relative density and burst strength. Ogedengbe, K; Onilude, M.A; Omobowale, M.O 31-39
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